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July 24, 2009

Poetry Friday--Get Started!

Do I hear a plaintive cry--"What can I write about?"

If you want to write poetry, there are plenty of poetry starters on the web, a simple Google search using the terms "poetry starters" or "poetry prompts" will turn up quite a few. Another way to get started is to find a photo. You can't beat Flickr for photos. Browse through a few of the several thousand that have been uploaded in "the last minute" and write a poem based on a photo, your reaction to a photo, or anything else about a photo that inspires you!

Most public libraries have a book called Chase's Calendar of Events in their reference sections. Visit your local library and spend a few hours flipping through a year's worth of celebrations, commemorations, anniversaries, etc., and I'm sure you'll come up with interesting or fun topics to write about. There's an abbreviated Chase's list of daily events online, too, click here.

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

One of today's events is "National Drive-Thru Day." Now there's a challenge--write a poem about, or inspired by, "National Drive-Thru Day."
Guy at the Drive-Thru

In line at Borgari's Burgers
There's three cars in front
Of me. There's time
To compose myself.

I'm next. Oh, God...
Calm down, calm down,
Where's my money?
Okay, okay, drive forward.

No eye contact, barely a word
Spoken, but, I make sure
I brush his hand as he
Counts out my change. Drive

Away! Now wait
Twenty minutes before
Going through again
For dessert.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

I had fun, but I hope you can do better!

Visit A Year of Reading for the Poetry Friday Round-Up, and, have a great weekend!


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  2. Great poem! The anxiousness, the attempt to pull it together, the touch, then ... the plan to go through it again.

  3. Love your picture of that hopeful encounter. Here's my haiku on frustration:

    at the drive thru
    my window refuses to open;
    car horns blaring

  4. Hi Andromeda! Nice haiku!

    Everyone--Thanks for stopping by.