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December 29, 2010

Look for Me

Look for me on Lynne Marie's blog this week. Lynne Marie is the creator of My Word Playground: The Writing, Reading & Inspiration Blog. She has graciously allowed me to pontificate about the benefits of the natural world, and she promotes Run, Turkey, Run! and all of my writing projects.

A little aside: Lynne and I have known each other virtually for years! It's certainly gratifying to see the way we've grown professionally since those early days. I remember reading a piece about the Scottish Highland cow known as a coo. I believe it was written by Lynne. It must have been pretty good since I remember it after about a dozen years! Here's a photo, in case you're not familiar with the coo:

Photo by Alan Weir


  1. Congratulations on being on My Word Playground: you would be a welcome guest anywhere! You and Lynne Marie both may be interested here when I’ll go off-topic if I may to alert folks that if you google Al Franken/Huffington Post there are two good stories about the FCC making alarming rulings that would affect websites like this one regarding net neutrality. Corporate websites should be banned from “priority pricing” that lets them buy the fast lanes on the Internet, leaving us in the slow. We need a Paul Revere community of independent bloggers so we can alert each other to crucial upcoming FCC rulings and make our voices heard.

  2. Congratulations on an excellent piece of writing, Diane! I'm going to link to it on the Hogarth site. If they don't already know, parents need to learn about the importance of nature in the lives of children. And everybody else for that matter!

  3. Thanks for the congrats!

    Andy, your garden is one of the places that inspired my haiga this year. Keep up the benign neglect!