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March 30, 2012

Poetry Friday--''Four Ducks on a Pond"

Spring is here, although on Tuesday we had a little hail, a little rain, a little cold, a little sun, and we ended up with a rainbow. I suppose you have to expect it ALL in the spring! Most New Englanders seem to favor autumn as their favorite season. Personally, I hate the fall--too damn depressing. Spring is my hands-down favorite. However, it is not without its melancholy aspects, too. Here's a simple little poem, often used with children, that expresses both the joy and the melancholy inherent in spring.
Four Ducks on a Pond
by William Allingham

Four ducks on a pond,
    A grass-bank beyond,
    A blue sky of spring,
    White clouds on the wing;
    What a little thing
    To remember for years—
    To remember with tears!

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Photo of three ducks on a pond (I'm sure there's another just out of the frame) by Marius Waldal.

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