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April 3, 2013

New York Times Haikus

Yes, the New York Times refers to more than one haiku as haikus. Plus, they use a computer to write them. Ah well. Times Haiku: Serendipitous Poetry from The New York Times.
Not every haiku our computer finds is a good one.
You can say that again!

Happy National Poetry Month from the NY Times--it's too bad they can't present us with some real poetry.


  1. Ugh. Will they never learn?

  2. It's doubtful. The internet has basically killed any chance of haiku being taken seriously by members of the general public. It's up to the schools to pull away from the definition of haiku being a three lined poem of 5-7-5 syllables. But, since the lesson is more about "what is a syllable," than an expression of the "essence of a moment keenly perceived," I'm afraid teachers aren't going to be climbing aboard the haiku train any time soon!