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November 2, 2018

Poetry Friday--Autumn Rainbow, Part 2

The month of October is over, and with great trepidation I look forward to November. Since the Spark postcard exchange creation period is completed, I am posting the three cards I made for exchange participants. I've worked with a theme of "autumn rainbow," and I posted three colors last week. Here is the rest of the rainbow:


© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


Autumn in Red

Maple leaves
Dogwood fruit
Crab apples
Burning bush
Sumac drupes


© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


Dear, Isabella Tiger Moth

Orange and black are the colors you wear
as a creeping crawling woolly bear.

Caterpillar, that is.

One day you spin a cocoon of amber,
then presto change-o! You're a brown tiger!

Moth, that is.

I know real tigers are orange and black
and real bears are often brown.

Dear, Isabella Tiger Moth:
Please switch your outfits around!


© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


The Impatience of Frost

He warned us it is hard to hold--
the early green that's really gold--
but the gold will persevere.

Had he waited 'til the greens faded,
he would have found the hue fated
to eventually reappear.

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  1. I liked last week's poems, and now these are simply sublime, Diane. Each one different in tone & form, with a celebration of a color, a comedy of words, and an understanding of a lesson needed to be learned. I imagine each would make such wonderful mentor poems for students writing. Happy rainbows and fall!

  2. Your poems are inspirations to write. They invite me to notice and learn. Thanks.

  3. They are all great, but I especially enjoyed Dear, Isabella Tiger Moth. I love the rhythm and images invoked.

  4. Love these, especially Dear, Isabella Tiger Moth (can't resist mention of bears!) :). So charming!

  5. Beautiful, Diane...that list poem feels so familiar to me, with all those colors I know so well.

  6. The changing Tiger and Bear outfits is so clever, Diane! Are those winterberries in the first photograph? They're gorgeous!

  7. These are good Diane–ah but the "Tiger Moth" is a delight, thanks!

  8. These are all wonderful, Diane! I went back to read the first post and discovered the beautiful geese card that so reminds me of Mary Oliver's "Wild Geese" calling. Dear Isabella Tiger Moth is my fave from this post. I love these wooly bears and never took the time to learn about them.

  9. Beautiful tribute to autumn - loved all of them. For some reason, the line that stays with me is “... the gold will persevere.” The meaning fluttered outside of the poem for me, as poems often do! Thanks.

  10. Ha--I never thought of how the wooly bear and tiger moth's names are reversed! Thanks for this lovely trio.