April 30, 2020

Ephrastic April, Day 30: "Figures on the Sand, Annisquam, 1915"

We're ending Ekphrastic April at the beach. I hope to see you next year for another month of ekphrastic cherita. Stay home and stay safe.

"Figures on the Sand, Annisquam, 1915" (1915) by Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts [1871-1927].

April afternoon

promises of summer
...but only promises

we still need to walk
through the shadows
before we reach full sun

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


  1. An appropriate end, wishing for that sun, Diane. We have reservations for the beach at the end of July - so hoping! I've loved reading & seeing what you've shared this month!

  2. I enjoyed this poem, and I went back and read all the ones for the month! I especially liked the Mary Cassatt painting on April 15th and your lovely response to it. What a great project!