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May 3, 2020

Happy Haiga Day!

Happy Haiga Day! is back after its month vacation during Ekphrastic April. During April, I also participated in a Spark postcard exchange. In the past we sent physical postcards to each other, but this time, and I'm sure for the next few rounds at least, we sent e-cards.

In a book from 1855 titled, The Witches' Dream Book and Fortune Teller, there is a list of common items or activities and interpretations of dreams containing said items or activities. I have used the interpretations for a series of cherita. The result is five cards, incorporating the cover of the book, an interpretation that inspired the card, a related image, and a cherita.

Today, and for the next four weeks, Happy Haiga Day! will present these "Dream Project" cards. I may create a few more after that, but, with life being so uncertain at this point, I won't guarantee the project will continue.

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2020 dream

the word jollity
brings a smile

the laughter will
come when we can
sit at one table again

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